Sunday, March 30, 2014

items #53-#83 it's CATCH UP time...

oh-so-behind in my thing-a-day resolution...

i have been out and about, two trips across country to help my Boss move house. (& what a fine home he has moved into, see his fireplace photo here ...)

Came home to this in the mailbox, a gift of gratitude that touched my heart: a signed 1975 Barry Smith print, The Enchantment. Thank you, dear author boss, so much~

Also was at SXSW with the almighty Soundgarden, doing a few shows. Incredible shows, I should say. They did the entire Superunknown album front to back on a rooftop overlooking Austin!

Back home now and looking at the various items ready to leave the treehouse. So many things!


7 x American Gods stickers, art by Jouni Koponen:

 photo b1d44a6e-a05b-4cf8-b9a2-c95ed5cf1f1e_zps21e7ee71.jpg

here is Neil holding one for size reference, it's 4" x 10":

 photo AG.jpg

6 x metal crowns that are drawer handles, I'm guessing Ikea-based.

5 x Neil $5 dollar bills, a five-buck-off coupon for anything at (one per home)

 photo N-Bill_5SMALL.jpg

4 x sushi coasters (1 set to good home)

 photo sushiCoasters.jpg

3 x Cthulu mints (one tin per home)

 photo chthulu.jpg

2 x Hello Kitty/KISS mash-up kleenex packs!

1 x meow button, just exactly what you think it is:

1 Kitty-made glass candy bar "how long have I been in this darkness?" magnet. I believe it was from a Batman comic, but it could be anyone who is just about over the looooong green glitter!

1 x directors slate:

to claim, follow these simple steps:

post in the comments, what you want, and what nice thing you will do for someone else in your turn.

don't overthink, just be the first to comment. Share and play nice.

The American Gods stickers, Neil-five-dollar bills and KiSS/helloKitty tissue can go to overseas buddies, but everything else IN CONTINENTAL USA...shipping is too much $$$ for moi. (ok, if you really want something, we can work something out)

Super SIMPLE!!

meanwhile, go to my furrytiger roadie blog if you want to hear about my Soundgarden SXSW trip and read an interview with young up & coming Minneapolis band, The Missing Letters. Just click on the link HERE

also go to my Neverwear blog HERE if you want to read about an auction going on for the wonderful Stan Sakai.

ps. note to add, i have tried several times to get the photos resized, analog girl still struggling in digital world... please to excuse.