Friday, June 26, 2015

in the name of HOPE...

I almost forgot how to blog...been out on the road too long.

Today is a glorious day in the name of hope and love, #SCOTUS did a good good thing. Amazing, really. I am such a huge rambling fan of love in all its forms, I can't imagine being denied the luxury of shouting it to the world.

Plus it is miss Holly Gaiman's birthday and my own sweet Husband's as well!

A few weeks back, while I was in Europe on tour with the Black Keys, Neilhimself sent me a drawing that that clever linesman Chris Riddell came up with. I sat down to take it in fully and felt a little diamond tear form.

"A world in which there are monsters, and ghosts, and things that want to steal your heart is a world in which there are angels, and dreams, and a world in which there is hope." -Neil Gaiman

Chris generously agreed to come up with a version painted in jewel tones, finishing the hope in pure gold. I couldn't be happier with the finished product.

Have you seen his work on the UK versions of Neil's GRAVEYARD BOOK & FORTUNATELY, THE MILK? He's a magician with a keen eye for the curvy humor of life. Plus he was just this June appointed the UK Children's Laureate..!

We are so honored, grateful and lucky to be collaborating with Chris.

I have sent the files to my printer here in Hollywood, who promises to do a brilliant job.

The prints will be 11" x 17" on a buttery creamy velvet stock and I am offering it at $25 for this June weekend. My printer says we should have them in about 8-10 business days, so please be aware this is a pre-sale. I will get them out as quickly as possible.

These prints will be sold unsigned. A limited edition run of 1500.

you can order it by CLICKING HERE.

I will put the price up to $38.00 on Monday morning.

They will come to you in a super-sturdy tube made of recycled cardboard, which you can spray-paint silver and use as a robot arm.

for more magic from Mr. Riddell, please visit: or click HERE.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Gaiman Foundation and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Thank you for your support, loves, as always.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

I'm back....

These are words to live by...

Neil Gaiman's spectacular New Year's wish illustrated by water-color master David Mack!

A 11" x 17" image printed right here in Hollywood, USA.

As all of the Neverwear limited edition runs, we will emboss with the official stamp and hand-number them.

A limited edition of 2000.

These were sold unsigned and for the first 3 days, we sold them them at $25.00. **WE ADDED TUESDAY because we are nice.

On Dec 2, 2014, midnight EST, they priced back up to $38.00, which is what we will continue to do with each print run in future. We like to reward the early-orderers with that 25%+ discount.

A portion of all monies collected will go to THE GAIMAN FOUNDATION, Neil & Holly's support of the art community--

The prints will be arriving to the Treehouse in LA on Tuesday or Wednesday, and will ship out immediately. Here is Drew getting the tubes labelled and prepped while I am out east.

They will ship by Dec 11-12, plenty of time for holiday arrival. if you are really concerned about time, please email me: We will work out a plan.

I just finished my last show with the Black Keys, and while I will miss the touring terribly, it's time to tend the home gardens. Neil is beyond busy and I need to be off that tour bus to help him.

So! to thank you for all the support and to answer the people who were sad that they missed the pre-sale, here is a five-dollar-off code that you can enter upon check out: THANKY

It's a one-time use per person code, and can be used on anything on the site. Expires Jan. 1, 2015


I'll leave you with Neil's wonderful New Year words:

May your coming year

be filled with magic

and dreams

and good madness.

I hope you read

some fine books

and kiss someone who

thinks you are wonderful.

and don't forget

to make some art-

write or draw

or build or sing

or live

as only you can.

And I hope,


in the next year,

you surprise yourself.

- Neil Gaiman

Sunday, March 30, 2014

items #53-#83 it's CATCH UP time...

oh-so-behind in my thing-a-day resolution...

i have been out and about, two trips across country to help my Boss move house. (& what a fine home he has moved into, see his fireplace photo here ...)

Came home to this in the mailbox, a gift of gratitude that touched my heart: a signed 1975 Barry Smith print, The Enchantment. Thank you, dear author boss, so much~

Also was at SXSW with the almighty Soundgarden, doing a few shows. Incredible shows, I should say. They did the entire Superunknown album front to back on a rooftop overlooking Austin!

Back home now and looking at the various items ready to leave the treehouse. So many things!


7 x American Gods stickers, art by Jouni Koponen:

 photo b1d44a6e-a05b-4cf8-b9a2-c95ed5cf1f1e_zps21e7ee71.jpg

here is Neil holding one for size reference, it's 4" x 10":

 photo AG.jpg

6 x metal crowns that are drawer handles, I'm guessing Ikea-based.

5 x Neil $5 dollar bills, a five-buck-off coupon for anything at (one per home)

 photo N-Bill_5SMALL.jpg

4 x sushi coasters (1 set to good home)

 photo sushiCoasters.jpg

3 x Cthulu mints (one tin per home)

 photo chthulu.jpg

2 x Hello Kitty/KISS mash-up kleenex packs!

1 x meow button, just exactly what you think it is:

1 Kitty-made glass candy bar "how long have I been in this darkness?" magnet. I believe it was from a Batman comic, but it could be anyone who is just about over the looooong green glitter!

1 x directors slate:

to claim, follow these simple steps:

post in the comments, what you want, and what nice thing you will do for someone else in your turn.

don't overthink, just be the first to comment. Share and play nice.

The American Gods stickers, Neil-five-dollar bills and KiSS/helloKitty tissue can go to overseas buddies, but everything else IN CONTINENTAL USA...shipping is too much $$$ for moi. (ok, if you really want something, we can work something out)

Super SIMPLE!!

meanwhile, go to my furrytiger roadie blog if you want to hear about my Soundgarden SXSW trip and read an interview with young up & coming Minneapolis band, The Missing Letters. Just click on the link HERE

also go to my Neverwear blog HERE if you want to read about an auction going on for the wonderful Stan Sakai.

ps. note to add, i have tried several times to get the photos resized, analog girl still struggling in digital world... please to excuse.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

item #52: BEADS & CHARMS galore...

item #52 in my swallowing diamonds project, at least one thing out of the treehouse a day!

I put myself through college by making jewelry, thank goodness as now, I have no student loans! (thank all available gods.)

The upshot is that I have LOADS of beads to get rid of, as I just don't have time to make the jewels so much these days.

From my travels, I have picked up charms and beads at flea markets, vintage shops, thrift shops, yard sales, bead shops, the world wide.

Some pieces I can't recall where I got, but I have made a little list to describe as best as I can.

as always, the auction starts at 99 cents. CLICK HERE FOR THE EBAY LINK.

here's what's in this auction:

4 faceted Czech glass beads in citrine color

4 x faceted beads which i THINK are the gemstone citrine, but can't be sure.

6 x gold tone swallows (the cutest bird!) charms

1 x Very Old bejeweled cross that I bought in Prague eons ago. do not know ANYTHING about it, it's an oldie.

assorted gold tone chef/silverware charms

4 x little gold fish charms- very detailed!

4 x little fleur de lis charms

2 x hand-carved pyrite cross beads- *the money attractor!

2 green glass ribbon stripe beads

1 vintage super-sparkly gold sequin flower patch-**handsewn! (where in the @%$#? DID i get this?)

2 x the world's teeniest cowbell

2 x gold tone angel charms

6 x Nefertiti gold tone charms

2 x cat charms

1 x bag full of gold tone head pins

1 x bag full of little golden apple charms

1 x bag full of little goldtone moon charms

1 x bag full of little gold tone sun charms

1 x bag of Japanese glass seed beads in butterfly wing colors

1 x bag of Japanese glass bugle beads in iridescent purple/blue

1 x bag full of gold tone spacer beads

1 x bag of glass seed beads in the best pea-soup green

1 x bag of gold tone ear wires

a bigger photo:

Sorry overseas friends, I am only shipping in the United States, because I can't replace these if something happens in the post.

any questions, lay em on me.

I will work anything out with anyone, I am one of the ebay good guys!

PROCEEDS FROM THIS AUCTION WILL BENEFIT VALLEY OF THE KINGS where the mighty tigers Obie and Socrates live! A big cat sanctuary in Wisconsin. (*many other exotic animals live there too)

The VOTK always needs funds to keep up with the food supply, especially in wintertime...

Saturday, February 22, 2014

items #49 - #51: Addams Family trade paperback from 1965 + Batman/Nightmare

been such a busy kitty, here's a little diamond catch-up.

Some people have been saying they don't want to deal with ebay or that they want to buy things right away- so I am trying this little experiment.

I am working on the new website, but the Neverwear site is still up and running. Let's utilize the Kitty's Treasures section, under "secret magic"...!

item #49:

Oh, how we love Charles Addams.

LOVE him.

one year for Neil's birthday, we gave him one of the Charles Addams New Yorker cartoon prints, the one where they are about to pour boiling oil down on the carolers, you know the one!

This is a trade paperback, something I have had since a little kid.

It's a first printing from 1965, not in pristine condition, because I read and re-read as a kitten!

I love the descriptions on the back cover.

My life for you, Gomez...I always felt like I was a Morticia.

I will throw in some scary lil' Neil trick-or-treating bookmarks by Sean Von Gorman.


items #50 and #51: two beloved 100% cotton tshirts here for the discriminating human.

official Warner Brothers Batman tshirt from the 90's, in a girly (slim cut) size large.

from Henry Selick's masterpiece: NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, a Sally tee, where she is surrounded by little glittery purple roses, also in girls size large.


I have also put up another of the Neil mugs on ebay, it's only at 99 cents-- Go get it, tiger.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

item #48: 5 print ads from days gone by (1929-1961)

Paper is one of my weaknesses.

I collect print materials so quickly- That's why I do the glass candy bars, to justify the collecting...

I love print ads! The fonts, the choices that admakers use, I am fascinated.

MADMEN is my total jam, I always felt like I was born in the wrong era.

This "swallowing diamonds" is a small lot of 5 print ads:

1929: Frigidaire " cold control" i think they are still in business!

1929: Hamilton watch ad-- a thing of beauty, my sweet Dad has a Hamilton.

1929: Hoover vacuum ad-- definitely still in business, we own one. I love LOVE the idea of germs being as big as dragons...

1960: Met Life ad. (It looks like me buying cat litter...) "the light that never fails..."

1961: San Francisco tourist ad. A terrific watercolor by Dong Kingman (RIP, you fine artist) this is one of my favorites...

please excuse the crappy photos, the sun was setting, and I used my iPhone. request more if you like!

as always, my auctions start at 99 cents. CLICK HERE FOR THE AUCTION LINK.

They come in comic bags with board, they have seen some life, not pristine, meant to be enjoyed for the beauty of a much simpler time....

shipping in the US only, sorry, overseas buddies.

ps. as for the motorcycle tees, they got snapped right up, just need Rou to send me a mailing address for the Ducati!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

items #45, 46, and 47: 3 free motorcycle tees

It was a busy week of live music and love hearts, Valentines mine.

we saw Michael Schenker tear up the House of Blues in LA and we watched the Swedes of Amon Amarth through a Viking mist. My ears are still a'ringing...

So it shall be a three-pack of diamonds thrown out in to the universe.

These are all in size youth large, 100% cotton, I used to LOVE to wear these. Had a bad motorcycle accident, had to relearn how to walk, in my kitten hood, so i just ride on the back now...

FREE to good homes, three good homes. Tell me which one you want- Go!