Tuesday, December 31, 2013

item #1 is posted...the Swallowing Diamonds project has begun.

It's time to clean out the treehouse, selling/giving away/re-homing one thing a day for all of 2014.

First up is a tee from the Motley Crue tour 2005 Carnival of Sins. THIS ITEM WAS NEVER AVAILABLE FOR SALE.

This tee was swag from the tour catering company, now no longer in business, Culinary Underground. It is a men's small 100% cotton American Apparel tank tee, some call 'em wife beaters, but meh, no beating, 'kay guys? The front has the company logo, and the back has the company name and the tour below. Only a small amount of these were made. Man, i wish this fit me still. Time to let it go!

Click HERE for the EBAY LINK

We had so much fun on this 2005 Carnival of Sins tour, the stories...oh my. Made some friends for life on that run. One of the best tours ever...

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