Wednesday, January 1, 2014

item #2 in the swallowing diamonds project: so many BEADS/CHARMS

day 2 of my swallowing diamonds project:

I put myself through college by making jewelry, thank goodness I have no student loans!

The upshot is that I have LOADS of beads to get rid of, as I just don't have time to make the jewels so much these days.

From my travels, I have picked up charms and beads at flea markets, vintage shops, thrift shops, the world wide. Some pieces I can't recall where I got, but I have made a little list to describe as best as I can.

1 x faux amber circle charm

1 x faux amber bead bracelet

1 x carved horn pendant (India)

2 x vintage glass ball beads (1950’s)

1 x silver perfume holder charm on chain

2 x star fimo beads

1 x cameo charm

1 x metal skull charm

1 x carved bone skull bead

2 x rose quartz heart beads

1 x set of bindi stickers in round tin (India)

1 x faceted citrine bead

1 x jasper bead

1 x labrodrite bead

8 x small crystals with hole drilled in top for stringing

1 x lapis lazuli pendant (India)

2 x vintage clear glass chunky beads (Africa)

7 x letter beads

2 x handpulled red/gold glass beads (Africa?)

1 x Swarvoski blue crystal pendant (Austria)

11 x asst. Swarovski crystal beads (Austria)

9 x faceted grey smoke glass beads (Czech)

2 x carved wood pendants (China)

1 x brass anhk/star/moon charm

1 x bag of hematite grey glass beads (Japan)

1 x bag of butterfly wing iridescent glass seed beads (Japan)

1 x marcasite star pendant (I don't think this is from Tiffany's! but it came in this pouch)

12 x small goldtone apple charms

1 x bag of goldtone spacer beads

1 x bag of pearlescent white star beads

1 x fairy charm

1 x glass glob pendant

as always, the auction starts at 99 cents. sorry, no overseas shipping, as I can't replace if it gets lost in the post.


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