Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Item #15: 2 x FREE Neil Gaiman "make good art" fleece hat--**ATTN: PITTSBURGH!

Every so often, you meet a gem. Chris Rickert of RICKERT AND BEAGLE BOOKS is a superhuman lady. I have known her only a short time, and have never met her in person, but I have watched her rise, comet-like, in the world of indie bookstores. She makes the magic knit creatures and I hope she does this pint glass again, with her new shop name on it!

She sells my magnets and jewelry there, and I plan on doing an art show in her shop, sometime in the fall, date still to be determined. So excited! I love Pittsburgh, and will find any excuse to go there. I am still such an east coast girl.

so, the hat.

oh, the truth in this three word statement.... "make good art."

this is one of the main messages pulled from Neil's powerful commencement address in May 2012 to the graduating class of the University of the Arts in Pennsylvania... words for the artist in us all.

I wanted to wear this little verse and so i thought, maybe a little black knit hat, with the words embroidered in a ghostly white-silvery thread.

We went back and forth on the font, the lettering, how to present it. Neil, in his wisdom, said, put it to a vote. And so we did. The block font prevailed in the tumblr universe, almost two to one.

We did a small run of block font and then a small run of cursive font. Those both sold out almost immediately. So I did another small run of them, in a Garamond font, on a supertoasty fleece cap like so:

to claim this absolutely FREE super-warmy fleecy hat, embroidered with Neil Gaiman's most sage advice: send me proof of a receipt from today, Tuesday Jan. 14 or tomorrow Wednesday, Jan. 15 from Chris's cute book store. I prefer you go in the store, in Pittsburgh, but I will accept an online order receipt.

I will give TWO of these hats away, to the first two responders.

here's me with Neil's miss Lola when we were doing the Blackberry shoot last winter:

please send your "proof-photos" to me: Neverwear@gaiman.net

I will also be sending Chris a thing or two to have in her bookshop to give away in future. Thank you for supporting the independent book sellers of the world.

These hats can also be found HERE!


  1. These are sweet! And will look as good on Chris's head is it will in her store. Awesome work!

  2. I really enjoy the way you giveaway things. Pretty smart :)

    I really love this quote, is amazing. His speeches are all amazing! <3

    See ya :)


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