Sunday, January 12, 2014

item #13: GOLDIE the gargoyle figurine from Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN

ok! the winner of the Zombie tee will be the lady who will turn it into a dress for her friend,"starsup0nthars".

Why? because I HAVE TO SEE THAT DRESS... (and maybe someday, i can get her to make me one...)

Incidentally, it is also Rob Z's birthday today, happy birthday, old boss!

Item lucky #13 in my "swallowing diamonds" project (one thing out of the treehouse a day for all of 2014) is a small plushy figurine of Goldie the gargoyle from the SANDMAN universe.


Neil Gaiman (my boss) created a world of wonder with his SANDMAN comics. One of my favorite characters was Goldie. I got this back in 2001, way before i met Neil. Goldie has travelled with me over the years.

I usually take things OUT of their boxes, but for some reason, I never did with this toy. Packaging is NOT in mint condition, but Goldie is untouched by human paws.

what is strange, they refer to Goldie as a "her"on the box-- i always thought Goldie was a boy gargoyle...aka Irving (see below) maybe i should ask the boss...

from wikipedia: Goldie is a pet baby gargoyle, given to Abel by his brother Cain in Preludes and Nocturnes. Abel originally intends to name him Irving, but Cain insists that gargoyle names must all begin with a "G". Cain then proceeded to murder Abel over this. Abel soon returns, as he is murdered by Cain all the time. He then agrees to name the gargoyle Goldie, after "an old friend", though he tells Goldie in private that he will continue to think of him as Irving.

Sorry overseas friends, this auction is only for the continental US, because I don't have another one to replace if it goes missing over the waters. Send me any questions and I will do my best to answer.

PS Happy Golden Globes tonight with my Greek "sister" miss Tina Fey as hostess--- I have such GG fever that, this morning, I put coffee beans in the cat bowl. DOH! (luckily, we ALL noticed right away)

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