Thursday, January 30, 2014

items #29 and #30: BATMAN & a key in NYC...swallowing diamonds

I write this on the plane to JFK, where I am going to work a quick 2 shows with The Black Keys— originally thought Neil was going to be in NYC at this time, so I was trying to meet up with him, but instead, it’s me flying solo.

Looking forward to embracing the cold heart of winter. I am staying an extra day in Manhattan to do some buying for Neverwear, just like the good ol’ days of 9th Life…

A little behind on the diamonds, so here is a two pack.

item #29:

Holy 8 gig Japanese jumpdrive, Batman!

I bought this at Tokyo Hands, an overwhelming 8 story department sstroe in Shibuya district. I had to- HAD to- have it. What I have found most in my clearing-out process, these are things I should be letting loose into the world—be like the Buddha—let it go!

To add to the *value of this, I have put several files of art from the first issue of Sandman: Overture in to the little guy, *secret value!

this auction starts at 99 cents, and profits from this will go to benefit SPCA of LA. Protecting our cats and dogs since, not sure when, but they really seem to care.

click here for the ebay link.

item #30:

I will be hiding this key somewhere in NYC- a Very Heavy ornate painted iron skeleton key, fit for some unknown ghostly door. This key has been in my house for over a decade, I honestly do not recall where it came from. I love keys, and all they represent.

Clues to be revealed tomorrow—

tomorrow morning will also bring the announcement of a NEW DAVID MACK print.

stay tuned...


  1. it's been fun cleaning out my life!

  2. that is a lovely key! i love the idea of it being a ghost key. like a key to some place that haunts your dreams, or a place that was but is no longer longing for someone to open its door and enter.


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