Saturday, January 11, 2014

item #12: parts A & B:FREE Zombie tour shirt, & a package to Montenegro.

happy Saturday, today is going to be busy busy busy, so i thought I would knock two out of the park. I am giving away some tour memories. An all black 100% cotton (bootleg) Zombie/Megadeth tee in size XXL.

This tour was the absolute most fun! Lacuna Coil was our opener and i would make sure to be out in front for the Mustaine/Cristina duet on Le Tous Le Monde, EVERY NIGHT. chills...

( (if you don't know this song, click here to hear/watch it.)

I think i like the spooky back better than the front... Throwing in a tour sticky pass, which allows no access to anything. That thing is long over!

All you have to do to enter to win is tell me your favorite live show ever seen. Please put in the comments, it's the only way I can keep track of anything at present.

You can link to a blog about your favorite show, that's fine, be creative, it can go on any of the three blogs Furrytiger, Neverwear or Swallowing Diamonds. Soon, I'll be streamlining, but it's still a new little baby project. Needs training wheels...

Second thing already has a home, in fact.

I got an email from a hopeful Neverwear customer who said that the site still had an option to send to Yugoslavia, but no option for the recently independant Montenegro. I love political change! So as we update the site, our fine WebGoblin DanGuy is working on this. (@Danguyf on twitter) I told our Montenegran friend that I would send him his tshirt free if he would make a charitable donation to an animal shelter somewhere-- yeah!

so-- winners of #8 and #9 items, the two signed-by-Neil Gaiman OCEAN cards:

"I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else."
from Raquel Moritz

"Words save our lives, sometimes."
from Donna Blitzen

PLUS! Third runner up: (prize to be determined)

“All monsters are scared. That's why they're monsters.”
from Vampi

LAST THING: **the Linkin Park hat was won by Adrienne Hill, but I need an address to ship to.

(winners, please email me:

Happy January to you all.


  1. TEST> is this comment section working? DOH.

  2. I'm dating myself as my fav ever live concert was Peter Frampton during the Frampton Comes Alive tour!;)

    1. wow, that must have been amazing to be there during that tour! is it still the biggest selling album of all time? it was!

    2. And if I remember correctly it was only my second concert ever!
      I have two of those albums which worked out well since we have two kids and they both wanted it!:)

  3. Favorite concert ever- a day long outdoor music festival that ended with Flogging Molly and Social Distortion.
    (I really want to turn the shirt into a dress for my petite bff who is a huge Rob Zombie fan.)

    1. i am picking you as winner, please email me an address for mailing...i can't WAIT to see this dress!
      my email is in the blog-- xo

    2. if i don't hear from you by tomorrow, i will have to give this shirt to someone else-- check in with an address Starsuponthars!

  4. this would be a terrific dress....


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