Saturday, January 4, 2014

item #6: come on, baby, light my fire: FREE LIGHTER

Oh, tattoos and I, we go way back.

They represent the perfect little filter on who's judging solely on outer layers...

a favorite quote from my sweet Dad, when he started seeing tattoos pop up on me:

I'm going to hold you by your ear and dip you in bleach.

He has since settled down, and he sees them for what they are. A means to make me happy and to protect me at the same time. How can that be a negative?

for years, in my kitten hood, i worked tattoo conventions, and so maybe I have more art than the average cat. it still cracks me up when people say things like, but what will you do when you get older? Newsflash, friends, who really cares!

I love to read the historical accounts of the ancient rituals of tattooing around the world. Only for those that can commit, my friends.

Anyway, to my point. This blog/project was meant to do two things at once. 1. get things moving out of the treehouse and into the world, to the people that may appreciate them. 2. to keep me writing a little bit every day, a discipline.

True, I will be spending quite a bit on postage, but it's an exercise and a resolution. Like I said, discipline, baby.

offered here:

a lighter that you need to add butane to, adorned with a design by Sailor Jerry, one of the premier brights in tattoo history.

i am not sure who is getting the royalty on his art, if it's still in his family, I didn't buy this lighter, it was given to me, on the Tool tour of 2007, by who, I do not recall. Thanks, person! I don't smoke, and Drew is trying to quit, so fire starters of the world, this is for you.

To take this off my hands, send me pictures of your favorite tattoo here:

It doesn't have to be your tattoo, but that will be considered extra points.

No need to send me giant files, those just break the code of internet conduct. 100KB or so, that's just fine. This is open to worldwide shipping, so get busy. I will close this contest tomorrow at midnight EST.

Drew and I dreamed up all kinds of fun ways to get these things out into the world, modern geocaching. Stay tuned, and feel free to give me your ideas. I still haven't ironed out all the kinks. WORK IN PROGRESS.

ps. Adrianne Hill, who won the Linkin Park hat, you have a week to get me your address or it goes to the second runner up. you can message me:

here is me getting a tattoo by the ever-accurate Craig Jackman of American Electric in LA.

good night from Boston.


  1. Kitty, this is a brilliant way to move things out, making room for breath and energy in! And I love the chance to read the stories.... thank you! (No tattoos, I'm already old!) and indeed, who cares.

  2. oh, Catness, when you come visit, I iwll get my tatto, if you come with me.


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