Friday, January 3, 2014

day #4: FREE Anansi Boys laundry bag!

in the effort to get things under control in the Treehouse, one thing goes out a day.

today's thing is this Anansi Boys laundry bag.

Home-made out of a repurposed tshirt by the amazing sorceress Tabetha Wallace.

Tabetha is co-host & producer of the @EntertheBuzzSaw show, check out our wild seamstress.

I use my bag on tour and it stretches to fit SO MUCH LAUNDRY.

Send me your best reason for needing a laundry bag, and I will pick from the entries, comment on here or on my twitter feed, I'm @neverwear over at:

I'll throw in an Anansi Boys sticker in as well.

1 comment:

  1. a lovely Mom named Laura sent in her reasoning for needing the bag, her son has to trek four floors for laundry @ his school and he is a bit afraid of spiders-- i am pro-spiders so if this helps than YAY! send me your address, Laura, you winnah.


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