Monday, January 13, 2014

item #14: BATMAN tshirt plus comic book magnet

Oh Batty, how we love ye.

This is a vintage style tee with mister Bruce Wayne, heading out on a crime-fighting mission. It is a smallish tee, even though it's marked medium on the shirt, it looks to be unisex but it's fitted for certain, and in a Prince-approved purple hue. This is a Junk Food brand tee, they are so fine.

Also with this shirt, I throw in one of my glass comic book magnets, where Batman is looking for...someone.

I started making these tiny art pieces when I lost a bunch of comics in a flood and couldn't throw them all away. I dried them out and saved a few of my favorite panels. Now people are sending me their damaged comics, i love giving the panels new life.

I am making Escape Pod Comics a batch of these magnets to sell. They are also selling at the lovely Rickert and Beagle Books in Pittsburgh. woOOOooooOOOoo!


and tomorrow will be a giveaway thing, hmmmm... let's just say, Pittsburgh people, keep your ears on. I'm going to try something different...

Sorry to say that I am not shipping overseas on this auction, as i can't replace the item if it goes missing in the post. Let me know if there are any questions. enjoy! Cat

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