Friday, January 10, 2014

item #11: MORE many charms...for the tigers.

So, it seems the bead lots are making people happy, I got SO much email about them. Offers to buy all my beads outright, etc.

but...Nah, not yet, this way is more fun for me, i get to go down memory lane with these bead buddies.

PROCEEDS FROM THIS AUCTION WILL BENEFIT VALLEY OF THE KINGS where the mighty Obie and Socrates live! A big cat sanctuary in Wisconsin. (*many other exotic animals live there too)

here we are, marveling at the beauty that is the tiger. The VOTK always needs funds to keep up with the food supply, especially in wintertime...

so, back to the beads:I put myself through college by making jewelry, thank goodness as now, I have no student loans!

The upshot is that I have LOADS of beads to get rid of, as I just don't have time to make the jewels so much these days.

From my travels, I have picked up charms and beads at flea markets, vintage shops, thrift shops, yard sales, bead shops, the world wide.

Some pieces I can't recall where I got, but I have made a little list to describe as best as I can.

as always, the auction starts at 99 cents.


here's what's in this auction:

4 x stretchy bead string for jewelry making (great for bracelet making)

1 x bag of assorted accent ball beads

1 x faux-diamond K pendant (do not know where this came from)

1 x sterling and pearl earring (I had planned on making necklace)

1 x labrodorite bead/ sterling thunderbird spirit earring (marked 925)

1 x lapis lazuli pendant set in sterling (925 stamp on back)

1 x brass world expo pendant w/Austrian crystal accents

1 x glass glob pendant

2 x heart lock w/key charms (silvertone)

2 x Celtic cross charms (brass?)

1 x heart pierced with sword Milagro charm (one of my favorite pieces)

6 x rose quartz beads (the love stone!)

1 x circle pendant in sterling stamped 925 (Balinese, I believe)

1 x faceted glass? ball bead (may be citrine, I got this from broken antique necklace)

2 x rhinestone charms w/light green stones & moonstone-esque pieces

1 x pair of vintage rhinestone & milk glass beads? (no earring backs w/ these, sorry)

1 x very interesting agate pendant set in sterling (925 stamp)

1 x pair earrings w/Kali heads, green glass beads, not sure of material, no markings.

4 x kitty cat charms (silvertone)

4 x filigree charms (2 gold tone/2 silver tone)

2 x wishbone charms

1 x fairy charm

1 x teeny tiny little star charm

7 x assorted crescent moon charms

Sorry overseas friends, I am only shipping in the United States, because I can't replace these if something happens in the post.

any questions, lay em on me.

I will work anything out with anyone, I am one of the ebay good guys! Meanwhile, I am getting a little behind in the winners, WORKING ON IT, i swear. ALL feedback appreciated and accepted. Comments section is open.

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