Tuesday, January 21, 2014

item #21: FREE glass cat (treasure hunt in LA) + David Mack Goldfish Pool print.

Item #21 is a two parter.

hidden (in plain sight) in the courtyard of the CoffeeBean in the 90027 zip, is this glass kitty cat.

Free to any human that finds it.

note: actual cats NOT included.

this cat with a goldfish in his/her belly is very heavy & quite beautiful. The treehouse is just no longer the right home for him/her, so go and find!

if someone reading this DOES finds it, and sends me a photo of it, I will send this person a free signed-by-David-Mack limited edition print of Neil's brilliant coming-to-Hollywood story GOLDFISH POOL.

If you haven't read it, it is in the SMOKE & MIRRORS collection of short stories, and one of my favorite Neil Gaiman tales, ever.

here is a photo of David signing the prints for me.

here is David at ComicCon this last summer, what a cool cat he is.

to find out more about this limited edition print, CLICK HERE. We've got them signed by Neil as well.

having fun with the Swallowing Diamonds project, stay tuned for more action. Going to NYC next week and will be hiding things there too-- **Tomorrow will be some Boston-based tour swag.


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  2. just wondering if anyone ever found the glass cat treasure?

  3. nobody wrote in that they found it, but I have decided what to do with the print...

  4. oh man, i used to live near that ZIP Code and would have been over faster than Flash Gordon...love a good treasure hunt!


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