Sunday, January 19, 2014

item #19: FREE! all the way from Japan...

Last year, my forever dream of visiting Japan came true. I shall always love the Slipknot camp for taking me there.

definitely some cool cats on that team, and it's great music to clean your house to.

I fell in love with the terrific attention to detail and the turn of phrase that the translation from Japanese to English often brought. I studied Mandarin in college but that sure didn't help me here...

Everything looked bright and new to me. I brought back so many little presents.

The food was, bar none, my favorite of the world, even down to the crazy convenience store eggs, cooked EXACTLY like I like them, I can't wait to go back.

is my visa still good?

to the person who tells me their favorite food of the world, in the comments, I will send this little Japanese note pad, which includes this quote of perfection:

How many do you know the beautiful language which conveys a feeling?

and I'll throw in a free Neverwear pen:

tomorrow: item #20 will be from HOUSE ON THE ROCK, for all my fellow American Gods fans....stay tuned!

ps. WINNER OF Item # 18: Donielle Gross, for every time I watch WORKING GIRL and wonder why have I never ridden that ferry-- thanks, girl! message me your address--


  1. EEE! i won:) i'll send you an email. thanks <3 and enjoy your trip

  2. favorite food?? has to be bread. from any country. fresh hot bread. OR grilled fish. lol.

  3. My absolute most favorite food is sashimi. I'm partial to octopus, and would eat it daily if I could...

    ....but I cant, so my current favorite thing is a BLT (turkey bacon) on a pretzel bun...

  4. This might seem boring by my favorite food...I can eat it 24/ with anything and everything on it!!

    Second fav....I'm with "on the deck" BREAD!! Now I know why I have hips!:)

  5. My favorite food of the world is... Buffalo Mozzarella with fresh basil, olive oil, red wine vinegar, cracked ground pepper on Roma tomatoes

  6. My favorite food of the world is... Buffalo Mozzarella with fresh basil, olive oil, red wine vinegar, cracked ground pepper on Roma tomatoes

  7. I have too many foods that I like to just choose one, but I do enjoy sushi whenever I can get it! : )

  8. Cornish pasties from Cornwall, and Devon cream tea for dessert. Deeeeeeeeeeeeelish!

  9. There's a rice dumpling that's traditional for Chinese festivals. I was in China during the Dragon Boat festival one year and the factory I was inspecting had its own kitchens and cooks to feed all the workers. The day before the festival started, we were invited to come to the kitchens for dumplings. The cooks taught us how to bend banana leaves into a triangle/pyramid shape to fill with rice, egg, veggies, and other yummy fillings. The banana leaf gets tied shut with twine and the whole "packet" gets roasted. When it's ready, cut the twine and devour!

  10. The wonderful, welcoming brown bread served in every B&B in Ireland. I've made at least thirty different recipes since and can't replicate it. I think it needs to be made *there*.

    1. hi Stephanie, need a mailing address for your prize!

  11. Ok, loves, you've all made me hungry--
    while i LOVE miss Blitzen's description, I am sending the Japanese pad/pen to Stephanie above, because I have to agree-- that brown bread seems ONLY doable in Ireland...
    Stephanie, message me your mailing address:
    stay tuned, many more things to come (1 a day for all the year--it's been super fun!)

  12. Ok, Stephanie, going once, going twice, about to go to the alternate, if I don't hear from you by Monday!


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