Friday, January 3, 2014

day #5: it's a fly day, so posting early. ANOTHER FREEBIE

tomorrow morning I will be flying to Boston to help Neil move out of his beautiful Cambridge place.

His blog (which you can & should read HERE) is full of his new year's resolve.

I love to read his social networking, but do agree that he will greatly benefit from a twitter break. @Neilhimself will be back at some point, I am sure.

adventures ahead! will keep you posted.

meanwhile, I am trying to get the bugs out of the way I am doing this one-thing-a-day-out-into-the-world. Any suggestions from you smart ones out there, please let me know. I am @Neverwear on twitter or

here is item #5:

so much tour swag. I never really listened to Linkin Park (was it because i believe their name is a mistaken spelling? perhaps) Many of my friends were out on tour with them, we shared many a stage with the LP band/crew over the years. I really liked the strange logos on this hat, and someone gave it to me along the way. (i think it was you, Mark!)

Haven't really thought about LP much, but just today, Husband got a call about a job.

Linkin Park (along w/Bad Religion & the Offspring) will stage a benefit at Club Nokia here in LA to raise money for the storm-battered Philippines, and would Drew come do the lighting- yes, yes, he said he would. The lighting company is donating everything but the labor.

So to celebrate L. Park's kindness to a place we love, one free Linkin Park hat to the first person to make a comment in the comment section, saying they want it.

One size fits all fancy melons.

It can be in or out of the country as I'll ship this one anywhere.


  1. I don't want the hat, just wanted to try to be first anyway....give it to the next person who likes their music ;)

  2. I want it. .. waiting for the light that never comes!

    1. Adrianne, you won this little prize! sorry i boobed the comment section up. still working out the bugs.

  3. I want it. .. waiting for the light that never comes...

  4. Surely someone has posted a comment before now..but none showing as I type if that's the case we'll take it! Your friends and loyal followers, mattncoley. :-)

  5. Thought I posted a comment but its not showing..hmmm..but still no the hat a "smedium"? Haha..we'll take it if you still have it. :-) thx, mattncoley

  6. 3rd time has to be the charm for a sweet smedium hat, right? Lol have safe travels my dear. Your loyal followers, mattncoley

  7. tester.
    did i enable comments? doh.

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Adrianne, please email me an address:
      sorry, i forgot to check back here!


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