Thursday, February 6, 2014

item #36: TORI AMOS double plus good tour memories.

item #36:

Oh, the wonderful memories from this tour-

This is the Tori Amos crew jacket from the 2002-2003 US tour for Scarlet's Walk, all hand made in England.

This is a navy blue pullover, very soft fleece hoodie, supertoasty warm.

Has hand-sewn patches on the back, front and sleeve. The rough sewing is on purpose, meant to be like that, all our jackets had variants...


I will throw in a Scarlet's Walk DVD complete with stickers, Scarlet's map, lyric chest, postcards-- just missing the music CD in it, someone made off with that--but you probably already have the music, if NOT, you best get to finding it, friends.

For "Amber Waves" alone, get that album! That was my decompression song forever.

That tour was magic-- I couldn't easily find photos from it, but there's one from T's bday- a couple tours later.

Good homes only, because man, I loved this deep blue hoody.

Swallowing diamonds means cutting throats sometimes.

(item #36 in the project, one thing a day out of our little over-stuffed treehouse!)

as always auction starts at 99 cents, but sorry, I can't offer this one for overseas shipping. I have already under-estimated most of my shipping costs (and i ship ALL the time, doh!) and shipping overseas is no guarantee of arrival- at big heavy cost.

proceeds from this auction will benefit the good cats of AVALO SANCTUARY. That's where my friend KING LEAR now resides.

ALSO, i put another one of the Neil mugs up for bids.


I am finding ALL kinds of treasure in the treehouse archives. stay tuned!


  1. Kitten, you are killing me here. In a good way. <3

  2. That was a very special tour. I drove from here to AZ to LA to SF on that tour. Then the next year, with ben folds, is when I interviewed Duncan in Concord. Anxiously awaiting the announcement of this year's tour dates!


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