Saturday, February 8, 2014

item #38: three FREE books--TRUE BLOOD/Sookie Stackhouse series

item #38:

When I saw the first episode of HBO's TRUE BLOOD, I wasn't sold.

Still, part of my job is to keep current on popular culture and especially the new direction of television. I kept watching and soon, I got it. (although the last season really worked my nerves--)

My favorite character, of course, is Erik the Northman. (*last seen sunbathing in Sverige)

second runner up: Jason Stackhouse, I have giant respect for the Australian actor, Ryan Kwantan, who makes dumb look so delicious.

Oh wait, i LOVE Sam too.

Anyway, I was lucky enough to meet Charlaine Harris at World Fantasy, she was sweet as pie. I had nothing for her to sign at the time, so she signed Neil's panel name plate for me.

Offering these three books, I will pay the shipping *within the continental US of A. because I am nice.

first responder on the comments who wants them- gets them. (if you are overseas, i will need some $ postage)


  1. are the comments working or is it just NO ONE READS ANYMORE????

  2. I tried commenting on my phone and it didn't work.

    Dead Until Dark has caught my eye multiple times in bookstores, but I really don't know about the series. It'd be fun to give it a read!

  3. Oh and yes. I read every one of your SD posts. I've been biding my time, and then you go an put that key I drooled over in NYC! ;)

  4. I can read the comments. Sadly it seems I have read this too late!

  5. JOOLS! Winner-- send me your address:


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