Saturday, February 8, 2014

item #39: new print LOTTERY WINNER announced.

two diamonds in one day, I'm getting ahead of myself for once...

Julia Grace was the first to respond and she won item #38- the free TRUE BLOOD books.

here is item #39:

I announced recently that one of the pre-sale purchasers for our new print would win a signed-by-Neil print in a lottery drawing.

we are in the treehouse now, happily embossing and rolling the I WILL WRITE IN WORDS OF FIRE Valentine prints with the glorious David Mack artwork and I drew the name of the winner just now.

A signed print will go to Miss Monica Rocha- a longtime Neverwear supporter.

I was happy to see her name in my little paw, she's been with us since the beginning of Neverwear.

Monica will get her choice of ANY of the prints in stock that Neil has already signed, OR she can wait and get her FIRE print signed by @Neilhimself when next I see our traveling author, maybe another month or so.

Monica, please let me know your choice:

Thanks for all the support on this print, happy to be able write a nice check for the Gaiman Foundation, which you can(& should) follow on twitter HERE.

I will see Mister David Mack soon, and have him sign some of these beautiful new prints, it is a really different look, so much bigger and clearer, easier to read Neil's love letter that was etched on the skin of @Burtzor-

In related news, here is another beautiful tattoo of Neil's words, on the fair skin of Kate H, work done by Taylor Anne of Mystic Owl Tattoo.

tomorrow's diamond will be a cool ass collection of guitar picks...

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