Wednesday, February 19, 2014

item #48: 5 print ads from days gone by (1929-1961)

Paper is one of my weaknesses.

I collect print materials so quickly- That's why I do the glass candy bars, to justify the collecting...

I love print ads! The fonts, the choices that admakers use, I am fascinated.

MADMEN is my total jam, I always felt like I was born in the wrong era.

This "swallowing diamonds" is a small lot of 5 print ads:

1929: Frigidaire " cold control" i think they are still in business!

1929: Hamilton watch ad-- a thing of beauty, my sweet Dad has a Hamilton.

1929: Hoover vacuum ad-- definitely still in business, we own one. I love LOVE the idea of germs being as big as dragons...

1960: Met Life ad. (It looks like me buying cat litter...) "the light that never fails..."

1961: San Francisco tourist ad. A terrific watercolor by Dong Kingman (RIP, you fine artist) this is one of my favorites...

please excuse the crappy photos, the sun was setting, and I used my iPhone. request more if you like!

as always, my auctions start at 99 cents. CLICK HERE FOR THE AUCTION LINK.

They come in comic bags with board, they have seen some life, not pristine, meant to be enjoyed for the beauty of a much simpler time....

shipping in the US only, sorry, overseas buddies.

ps. as for the motorcycle tees, they got snapped right up, just need Rou to send me a mailing address for the Ducati!


  1. I will send the address right away, my gmail is being buggy, sorry about that.

    1. got it! leaving treehouse Monday morning, as I got delayed by life. xo

    2. Got it today, it is lovely. Thank you so much.


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