Tuesday, February 18, 2014

items #45, 46, and 47: 3 free motorcycle tees

It was a busy week of live music and love hearts, Valentines mine.

we saw Michael Schenker tear up the House of Blues in LA and we watched the Swedes of Amon Amarth through a Viking mist. My ears are still a'ringing...

So it shall be a three-pack of diamonds thrown out in to the universe.

These are all in size youth large, 100% cotton, I used to LOVE to wear these. Had a bad motorcycle accident, had to relearn how to walk, in my kitten hood, so i just ride on the back now...

FREE to good homes, three good homes. Tell me which one you want- Go!


  1. Sounds like a great week. All of these are so cool, but IoM is my fave!

  2. I'd love the Ducati. I can't wait to see Amon Amarth again. Sounds like you got to see great shows :)

    1. Winner! please send mailing address to:

  3. In my haste and excitement I replied on twitter..oops. Our youngest son is a fan of anything with wheels, but especially motorcycles! We would be honored with a shirt! :-)

    1. it's a cool shirt for a cool kid--
      i have your address, i do believe!
      get better soon, MB


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